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Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora is passionate about protecting our freedoms and empowering others to do the same. She is the Founder and President of Parents United America, launched to galvanize parents to stand for their right to be the primary authority in their children’s lives. As Director of Public Policy for Salem Denver, she works to keep listeners informed about what is happening in our Colorado and America and what every citizen can do to make a difference. An Advisory Board Member of the Leadership Program of the Rockies and a Member of the American Enterprise Leadership Network, Deborah is a national speaker who has performed around the world as 2nd Runner Up to Miss America. Her greatest motivation are the two wonderful children she and her husband, an 82nd Airborne Veteran, are blessed to be raising.

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Deborah Flora brings a fresh perspective to the issues of the week, and best of all, what each of us can do to make a difference. Deborah is a national speaker, radio host, producer, and the Director of Public Policy for Salem Radio Denver.


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