Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora brings a fresh perspective to the top issues of the day from the School Board to the State House, from our Culture to our Capital: how they impact what we care about most—our families and our freedoms—and what we can do about it!

Deborah is an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Producer, National Public Speaker, and as a Mom and Founder of Parents United America, she has been on the front line fighting for parental rights and educational freedom. As a Director of Public Policy, she has tirelessly advocated for the right of every Coloradan to live their lives free from Big Government control.

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Deborah grew up in Aurora on Lowry Air Force Base, the daughter of a Lt. Col. and as Miss Colorado and 2nd Runner Up to Miss America, she has seen every corner of our great state. As a Filmmaker and Producer who has witnessed Hollywood firsthand, she is passionate about making sure Colorado never becomes California. Deborah and her husband, an 82nd Airborne Veteran, own a production company where they harness the power of media to highlight the important issues of our day…however they consider their greatest productions to be their two children.


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