Scott Bloyer

Scott Bloyer

Each week, The Bloyer Effect hosted by Scott and Casey Bloyer discusses topics affecting the everyday lives of Men today. The brothers dive into a multitude of topics both serious and light hearted and challenging each other and the listeners on what it's like to be a man in today's ever-changing world. 

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Scott Bloyer is the oldest of four kids and a Colorado Native. Scott has been married to his best friend Michelle for 29 years and loves being father and father-in-law to Caleb and Danielle (daughter), Tyler (his son), and Austin and Morgan (daughter). He is also a grandpa to Michael and is learning how to handle this. Scott is the founding & lead pastor of Elevation Christian Church in Aurora Colorado and if he isn’t working, you can find him in the Iron Garage, coaching football or going on dates with his wife.


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