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For over 25 years, the Mike Boyle Restaurant Shows have entertained people all along the Front Range on radio and television. The shows and host offer a knowledgeable, yet lighthearted, look at the ever changing restaurant scene throughout the Denver metropolitan area and Colorado Springs.

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About Mike Boyle

Mike, a successful owner and operator of his own restaurant in Denver for over 15 years, and member of the Colorado Restaurant Hall of Fame, believes that the secret to a pleasant dining experience, whether it is a casual meal, special occasion, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is to find an establishment that appreciates your business: a place where you are happy spending your money, a place that wants to accommodate you, the customer.

All restaurants strive for, and hope to achieve, good food and good service. But these very subjective criteria are givens. Dining out, either alone, with friends or family, in a large group, is primarily a social experience. The Mike Boyle Restaurant Shows attempt to help you enjoy that experience.

The shows are informative. They tell you which restaurants have opened, closed, changed menus, added brunch, expanded happy hour, in this ever changing and dynamic restaurant environment that is the Colorado restaurant scene. Current trends are discussed, and of course, listeners and viewers are always invited to join in. Callers also often win gift certificates to various area restaurants. The shows also venture into the areas of travel, movies, books, sports, and even politics. Groups of listeners join Mike about three times a year for enjoyable vacations to place like Hawaii, Mexico, cruises, the Caribbean, and more. Authors interviewed include Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Gordon Liddy and novelists such as Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich, Alex Berenson, Vince Flynn, and many more.

The show times are shown on the website, and podcasts of the shows are available on line. Shows are also supported by a 24 hour website, Facebook (both friend and fan pages), Twitter (mikeboyleshow), and a newsletter. Mike has also published two tremendously popular dining guides for the Colorado Springs area.

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